Your opportunity at Carver

Whether you're 19 or 59, male or female, seeking a certificate in Biblical Studies for a Ministry position or a full four year bachelor's degree to pastor a church or run a non-profit, Carver College has every resource & tool to equip you for your next Calling.

More to Know

About Carver

At Carver College, the Scripture comes alive as God uses Christ-centered faculty members in the development of His servants. Our school motto, "Training to Transform," we take seriously our calling to train and equip our students for a lifetime of ministry. The training Carver students receive first transforms their own hearts and then equips them to go train and transform the hearts of others. If you desire to receive this type of training, Carver is the college for you.

Mission Statement

Carver College exists to glorify God by educating students to reach the world for Christ by serving the church, the community and the world as biblically minded, professionally competent men and women of character.


Our vision is to continue equipping scores of ethnic and minority men and women to live, apply and teach biblical truth such that communities, cultures and even entire nations are impacted and transformed for Christ for generations to come.

Will You be a part of our next Carver Achievements?