Student Organizations

Work Study Program

The Work Study Scholarship Program allows a limited number of students to acquire a position of employment at Carver. Students desiring to participate in this program should contact the Office of Student Affairs for available positions, job descriptions, and any other eligibility requirements. Funds for this program are provided by the college’s financial aid fund.

International Student

The International Student Fellowship (ISF) seeks to provide opportunities for international students to explore together their needs and difficulties in cultural and academic adjustment. They also seek to identify ways to help international students help each other and themselves and to provide insight to the college for meaningful and effective support of these students.

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry of Carver exists to help the College’s female students become mature in their faith so that they are equipped to care for and nurture the spiritual growth of other women.

Student Government

The Student Government Association works in conjunction with the administration of the College in directing student life and assists in various school-improvement projects.

Short-term Missions Trips

Each summer Carver provides opportunities for its students to serve on a short-term summer missions projects. Over the past ten years Carver has sent students to Africa, Europe, South America, North America and the Caribbean.

The missions projects are designed with two purposes in mind. First, they aim to contact us ongoing missions work, particularly overseas. 

This is accomplished by giving students the opportunity to serve alongside veteran missionaries with reputable mission agencies. Second, they aim to provide the participating Carver student with the exposure and experience of serving on the mission field.

Student Mission Fellowship

The Student Missions Fellowship seeks to challenge students to focus on what God is doing around the world by praying for missions agencies and missionaries. Students are encouraged to experience missions through short-term missions trips and to consider missions as a vocation.