Board of Trustees

Officers of the College

Weston Irby

Dr. Donald Canty

Dr. C. L. Jordan

Dr. Clifford Ice

Christina Broadway, Esq.

The Reverend Joel Redmon

Dr. Clarence Clavon

Dr. Thomas Fritz

The Reverend Bo Paddock

The Reverend Michael Matala

The Reverend Marcus Webster

Dr. Silas Sessions

The Reverend C.L. Jordan, M.B.E., D.B.E. President of Carver College

Jeffrey Easley, Th.M., Ed.D. Academic Dean, Director of Biblical Studies

The Reverend Clifford Ice, M.A.D.D. Vice President of Carver College

Adah Carter, M.A. Dean of Students, Director of Alumni Affairs

Barbara Woolfolk, M.Ed. Academic Support Specialist

Kurt Atkins, B.S. Financial Aid Director

Kattie Gore, M.A. Director of Institutional Effectiveness