Division of Biblical and Theological Studies

Brien Martin, M.S.
Director of Biblical & Theological Studies


The mission of the Biblical & Theological Studies Division is to provide a foundational and a comprehensive understanding of the Bible. Students will learn skills to adequately interpret and apply the Scriptures as well as to develop a sequential and synthetic study of systematic theology.

Biblical and Theological Objectives

Students will…

  1. Develop the necessary hermeneutical skills for analyzing & interpreting a biblical text.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to do research in Biblical Studies.
  3. Know a historical background of the Old & New Testament.
  4. Acquire an in-depth understanding of sixty-six books of the Bible.
  5. Understand the major biblical doctrines through a systematic study of the Scriptures.
  6. Students will model a lifestyle of Christian character informed by biblical truths.

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BA Biblical Studies
BA Psychology
BS Business Administration
AA Biblical Studies
Certificate Biblical Studies

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